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What People Are Saying

I admit to being skeptical about this -- both the device, and the necessity of taking a step like this in the pursuit of "good posture." However, after a week of wearing it and becoming more comfortable with it, I do think it provides strong value and makes a measurable difference. .

Kathy. C

 Had seen this product in the market for a bit and glad I finally bought it. It REALLY works to help correct your posture and keep you from slouching or hunching. Best for office desk / chairs and even when you are in bean bag or couch.

Melody Gilmour

This is a nice posture reminder. It is easy to put on and I like that the velcro is a kind that does not stick to any fabric it touches. There is a wide range of adjustment so it will fit a lot of different body shapes. There are pads that come with it that can be added to the straps if the brace is set at a larger size.

Ryan Burn

4/5 Stars. I honestly didn't know what to expect with this contraption and yet, after a few weeks, I think my posture is getting better. At the very least, I can attest that I am more aware of my posture since the use of this product.

Phoebe Reilly

I have only used it a few times so far but it definitely prevented me from slouching forward, as is my habit these days. I just have to remember to put it on before going to work so I don't slouch all day at my computer.

Soren Washington

I have been wearing this posture corrector for quite a while today and I’ve honestly forgotten it is on. It is super comfy, particularly with the armpit pads. I can definitely tell it is holding my shoulders back and preventing me from hunching over so much. And the price is awesome! Plus, it really is a one size fits most apparatus. My husband and I are both different sizes and we can both wear this comfortably.

Alma Gonzalez

I've been wearing it for about 20 minutes now. I have begun to feel a difference. It is definitely serving it's purpose, pulling my shoulders back into correct position. It's comfortable. Would 100% reccomend it. 

Johan Roche

50 years of poor posture and my spine shows it. FIX ME teaches me how to stand, sit, walk etc. Having a device like this doesn't, I believe, in and of itself fix anything. But it sure reminds me every second to pull my shoulders back so it contributes to long term betterment.

Eliza Robbins

I have had some reoccurring neck and upper left shoulder pain and I attributed that issue to sitting at
my desk and slouching. After purchasing this product and wearing it daily for around 2 hours,
the pain has subsided dramatically as the posture corrector unnoticeable improvement on how my
shoulders align under my ears

Woody Morales